Worshiping, Interceding, Nurturing, & Mentoring, Inspiring, Nullifying the enemy through PRAYER!

Welcome to Win & Min Ministries Incorporated

Meet our
Founder Evangelist
Dorothe E. Rhodes

You don’t know my Story!
The WIN & MIN INC. Ministry's Mission is meant for Worshiping, Interceding, Nurturing, Mentoring, Inspiring, and Nullifying the enemy through PRAYER.

The ministry was founded in February of 2012, and is a one of a kind interdenominational, national and international ministry  that reaches the diverse people of the world.  The ministry’s goal and purpose is to provide  worship for those who seek spiritual enrichment  on a daily basis.   WIN and MIN Ministries Inc. allows members to quench the thirst and feed the soul through prayer, praise and worship.  WIN and MIN Inc. offers opportunities for members to share in the ministry through personal testimonies.

Our founder has been a conduit for men and women by providing resources to the homeless, comfort and direction for the addicted,  guidance for the hopeless, and leadership for those seeking a deeper spiritual connection with Christ. "I teach but I love to reach the diverse people of the world."

Her testimony is on CD and is being used as a learning tool for those in recovery.  The CD’s can be  obtained via this website, Facebook, e-mail:  or by mail to: PO Box: 151141 Grand Rapids, MI 49515
We welcome all those who are standing in the need of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation.  Feel free to call our inspirational line at 712-432-1212, access code 669913235#, Monday-Friday 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST. God's continued blessings to you all!
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